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AlleKon Contracting Inc. specializes in transforming spaces into sanctuaries through a collaborative design process that balances aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.


AlleKon excels in transforming designs into tangible structures through an integrated design-build process, emphasizing accuracy, safety, and innovation in construction. 


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Tailored designs that reflect your unique vision.


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Design: Where Visions Come Alive

At AlleKon Contracting Inc., we believe in the power of design to transform spaces into sanctuaries. Our design journey is a collaborative exploration, merging your ideas with our expertise to create spaces that speak volumes. From the conceptual draft to the detailed execution plan, we ensure every design is a harmonious balance of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Our approach is not just about creating spaces but about curating environments that inspire and uplift.

Commercial Spaces: Branding Through Design

AlleKon specializes in designing and building commercial spaces that blend functionality with aesthetics. We collaborate closely with clients from conception to completion, crafting environments that boost productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Our focus spans retail outlets, offices, and hospitality venues, ensuring each space reflects your vision while prioritizing functionality and comfort.

New Home Builds: Designing Dreams

In the world of new home construction, AlleKon stands out by designing homes that are as unique as they are inviting. We understand that a home is more than just a residence; it’s a personal sanctuary. Our designs are tailored to embody your dreams, lifestyle, and personality, ensuring every corner reflects your essence and every space tells your story.

Multi-Residential Projects: Community & Connectivity

Our approach to multi-residential design focuses on creating communities, not just living spaces. We prioritize smart, sustainable designs that foster connectivity, comfort, and community.

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Build: Crafting Excellence

The journey from blueprint to brickwork is orchestrated with unparalleled precision at AlleKon. Our integrated design and build process ensures a seamless transition, where designs materialize into tangible structures. Our construction ethos is built on the pillars of accuracy, safety, and innovative practices. By employing state-of-the-art construction methods and high-quality materials, we ensure that each project stands as a beacon of durability, functionality, and style.

New Home Builds: Constructing Foundations

Building a new home is an exciting journey, and AlleKon is dedicated to making this experience seamless and stress-free. Our construction process for new homes is grounded in precision, using only the finest materials and modern techniques to ensure that your dream home is not only beautiful but also enduring and energy-efficient.

Multi-Residential Developments: Building Communities

The construction of multi-residential developments at AlleKon goes beyond erecting structures; we’re creating vibrant communities. Our focus is on building efficient, safe, and sustainable environments that cater to the diverse needs of their inhabitants. From the strategic layout to the choice of materials, every aspect is considered to enhance livability and community engagement.

Commercial Construction: Realizing Business Visions

At AlleKon, we understand that commercial construction is about realizing a business vision. Our build phase for commercial projects prioritizes functionality, flexibility, and future growth. We employ cutting-edge construction methods and technology to deliver spaces that not only serve current business needs but are also adaptable to future demands, ensuring your commercial space evolves with your business.

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Celebrating Our Client Partnerships

Alicia FlynnAlicia Flynn
23:43 30 Dec 23
This team is amazing!!! Quality of work is top notch and I highly recommend them!
Faiz U.Faiz U.
22:36 29 Dec 23
Allekon Contracting and their crew completed our restoration project with ease and were very communicative throughout. I would highly recommend them!
Maxwell BeechMaxwell Beech
08:11 23 Jun 23
These guys do meticulous work and no matter how particular I was, they never got upset even though sometimes I may have came across as a Mr. know it all.The place looks fantastic! Thanks guys.
Enzo CaluoriEnzo Caluori
23:56 07 May 23
I’m very proud of the work done by allekon contracting for the maintenance of our property. Great work. Thank you
dinh kimdinh kim
21:54 25 Mar 23
I open a nails salon and I'm lucky that i found Mike. I highly recommend Mike and his team. They work on time and professional.
Brenda BurdettBrenda Burdett
21:25 23 Nov 22
Allekon recently renovated our newly leased unit. Project involved gutting the unit, removing an office, redoing the entire floor, adding a small bathroom plus electrical work. We could not have been happier with the quality of work and professionalism from this company. Project was started and completed on time. We had a tight timeline and they delivered as promised. There were a few things we realized we needed to add during the project and they provided practical, cost effective solutions.I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again for any future projects.
Louie WilliamsLouie Williams
01:56 16 Nov 22
Allekon Contracting is a highly professional company. My experiences with Allekon has been great. They keep me up to date with any work related changes and make safety a priority.

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